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Clothing, games, calendars, pendants with our beautiful designs cherishing the Slavic heritage from our ancestors.


We are building a community where we can learn from each other and find ways to pass old wisdoms onto our children.


Many articles and YouTube videos offering a deep insight into the traditions and the ways to incorporate them into our daily lives.


Our shop is one of a kind. Every item has a magic story of our ancestors behind it. We live those stories and spread them since 2012.

Current video contribution – Summer solstice celebration through our ancestor's tradition

We present the video about the symbolism of Summer solstice celebration through our ancestor’s tradition. Most of our videos are in slovenian and english language.

slavic card of the week

Slavic Card Readings

Lets take a look into our own Slavic deck of cards and see what the week has in store for us. If you want your personal reading contact: We offer basic and complexed card reading. See more info in our shop. basic: complex:

veles community with svarunica store - Slovenia


We organize the events where all those who apriciate the ancestor’s heritage gather for annual rituals following the old ways in central Slovenia. Welcome!