About Us

This is a place where those who feel the ancients had a true path to understanding life meet. Our ancestors found the inner strength and balance which we can today transform into the principles for a better future for all of us.

We’ve been devoted to our work for more than a decade here in Slovenia, Europe and now we wish to spread the love for our heritage globally through our art, our products and especially our stories.



  • We design and release¬†our first mythological calendar¬†and contribute to annual Pagan celebrations with a Slavic touch to them

2009, 2010

  • We¬†publish wall calendars¬†and continue to research Slavic traditions to incorporate them in Slovene Pagan movement, writing articles and making designs for 3 editions of ‚ÄúPan Pogan‚ÄĚ magazine


  • We carry on with¬†designing and publishing calendars,¬†which has since been our signature item for 10 years
  • We¬†begin to build our own community where we gather for¬†annual celebrations of the old ways¬†in central Slovenia four times a year, collaborating with Slovene Native Faith Society (‚ÄúSlovenski staroverci‚ÄĚ), which we have co-founded


  • We start the company¬†VELES grafika, selling calendars, amulets, booklets for children, mugs, shirts, and more products with Slavic themes
  • We continue to organise events and gatherings within the¬†Veles community


  • We created a¬†website of sacred places¬†in Slovenia with maps and info
  • Our¬†wooden Slavic pendants¬†are sold in Slovene stores and we write articles for magazine ‚ÄúLife‚ÄĚ


  • We establish the non-profit organisation¬†Klub VELES¬†and organize first¬†Slavic fair (Staroslovanski semenj)¬†in Ljubljana for a few hundred people who sell Slavic-themed items, including herbs,¬†we organized lectures throughout the day and finished the fair with a small concert
  • We started¬†a small online shop¬†and built¬†a big organic garden, researching plant growth using old symbols


  • We organize¬†second Slavic fair, promote our work through radio and TV, and establish a contract with one the biggest local public educational institutions (Cene ҆tupar) for a¬†certified program about Slavic mythology and old practices, spanning multiple months


  • We organize¬†third Slavic fair¬†and we start cooperating with¬†Jage Babe folk group¬†that specializes in singing old Slavic ritual songs, specially local, researching Eastern practices, rediscovering Reiki, face reading techniques and fortune telling from the Viking runes


  • We organize¬†fourth Slavic Fair¬†with¬†traditional songs¬†and¬†short lectures
  • We open a¬†hypno-center¬†under VELES organisation, cooperating with one of the best hypnotherapists, giving lectures about personal growth (living today with Slavic practices, hypnotherapy, regression, face reading)
  • We set up a programme to present the Slavic celebration of winter in a kindergarten


  • We publish¬†a book about Face Reading¬†technique¬†‚Äď how to tell people‚Äôs personalities only by their facial characteristics, based on Chinese and European heritage


  • We publish another edition of our Face Reading book and continue with all previous engagements


  • Due to COVID-19 crisis our work¬†slowed down¬†and we only organised one public celebration (summer solstice)
  • Our website has expanded with plenty of articles and our organic garden has grown largely


  • We create a¬†new brand¬†of products¬†SVARUNICA¬†‚Äď clothes, funny t-shirts, games, home decor and accessories with Slavic themes
  • We are also¬†updating our old items (the pendants) and¬†developing new products,¬†launching our online store globally