Mora, Nočnica

Mora is a bad spirit in the form of a woman who comes at night and does not let people sleep as it brings bad dreams.In Bosnia, a mora was said to beat children, in some places even to breastfeed them. If a man had pain in the chest area, people said that a mora […]

Harvest celebrations in our native faith

The middle of the August is marked by a special harvest festival, a festival of fertility, which has its origins in pre-Christian times, when this, the most lush and fertile part of the year, was ruled by the goddess Živa. The 15th August is the time when the Roman Catholic Church commemorates the death of […]

The Healing Ivy

Ivy is an evergreen plant, distributed throughout forests, parks and in the home environment.In folk medicine, we use only leaves, consumption is not recommended. However nowadays, we know that ivy tea helps with irritating coughs and coughs.It is also used to treat skin diseases, rheumatism, gout. It also accelerates the excretion of bile.Already our distant […]

Initiation in native faith practices

Initiation or consecration according to our ideas means a leap in a person’s spiritual and psycho-physical development, when we connect the initiate with higher forces in various situations that mean a turning point for a person, we help them in the transition to a different state or. new beginning. In this article 3 milestones with […]

Čatež (half man/half goat)

In the spiritual tradition of our Slavic ancestors, the forces of nature, which over time gained many physical “clothes”, have generally always possessed both good and bad.Such is Nature – it gives us life but She also gives takes it and the followers of the old ways accept life as it is, without dualism black […]


Autumn is marked by harvesting, turning inward and calming down, and specially with the opening of the underworld at the end of October when the souls of ancestors flood this world from the 31st night into the November the 1st. At this time we begin to be more receptive to communicating with the deseased. The […]


We know several stories about Zora, the name for her in our land is also Dogana, and the combination of these stories is a doomed love, because the goddess can’t be together with an earthly young man. Zora or Zarja is also the goddess of the morning Dawn, she is also considered to be a […]

Vesne (plural)

Certainly Vesna is one of the goddesses who is perhaps best known to Slovenes, but she lives only in the consciousness of people, but we do not have concrete oral or written local traditions about her and rituals. Of course, that doesn’t mean she was not worshipped, we only lack evidence of it. The root […]


Mokoš is a great, important goddess of the East Slavic tradition, who protects pregnant women, midwives, watches over women’s affairs, protects ancestors, and thus takes over the task of the goddess of fate, and is of course also connected with land and water. Her cult is still widespread among the Native Faith followers, even among […]