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4Th April 2022 – 11Th April

Energies that rule the next days: openness, love, deeper connections, new bonds, strengthening relationships, merging business paths

In the coming days, it is crucial to stop for a short time and consider how we can upgrade our business, where we can combine different paths, products, for better business success. Let’s think about the innovations that we can introduce in our offer, even those that we would not have thought of before. Let’s keep our heads open for suggestions. In the coming days, the key to success will be COMBINING – both ideas and people.

In interpersonal relationships, especially in intimate partnerships, the new opportunity for connection should be at the forefront, the planned time for just the two and surrender to emotions. It’s time to spark again.

If you are looking for a partner, the following days are favorable for dating or. cleansing and setting value as creating a clear system of what you want in life and the just go there and get it.



This week’s drawn card brings:

turbulent times, many risks, making protection, a lot of time for rest analyzing our selected path and goals

As the original Great Mother with a dual nature, Jaga Baba prepares us for a turbulent period, at least for a week.

This time, the drawn card tells us that we must make wise decisions this week, very thoughtfully, as different traps await us at every step. It is better to postpone all major decisions and plans. If we have obligations that we cannot postpone, then it is good to protect ourselves even stronger from negative influences this week.

We can do this in certain cases by wearing an eight pointed star, in other situations with »Morca« (flower of life), and by dressing in more black.  The clothes should have the mentioned symbols or different types of spirals, meanders, so that the bad forces are then lost in them. As far as the hair goes it is better to wear braids, pony tails, don’t have loose hair all along.

After every socializing with people, we should clean ourselves with incense, it is wise to use sage and laurel. Before important meetings, we should eat food that is easyon the stomach and thoroughly consider all possible scenarios in advance in order to be prepared for them.

Originally, Baba Jaga forces us to rest and regenerate, preparing us for the rebirth of our body and thoughts or She constantly forces us to mature oas a person. If we can, let’s take some time for ourselves to calm down this week.

This week is a week of risks, lessons will be less pleasant for some, which simply means that the Goddess gives you time for personal growth, but it can happen that you will experience success that you have not yet had. Baba Yaga decides who is worthy of her wisdom and affection. You may be among them. 🙂

Above all, take a look into your depths this week. The time has come for Jaga Baba to sweep away everything unnecessary in our life and support us with the courage to put an end to the things we know are hurting us. Then, at a time that will better support us again in the realization of the plans, the time for action, we can embark on a new path without the baggage of the past and fears that prevent us to walk our won road, from reaching your goals.

Postpone what you can this week.
You’d better start growing seedlings and do garden work in general, and a visit to the woods this week will be especially beneficial and cleansing.

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This week’s drawn card brings:

slow transition to balance, depth, connection with the universe – self-awareness, the necessary search for balance within oneself


In turbulent times, we must consciously take care of the balance of mind and body, and just the past few days the Full Moon has given us quite a turbulence and crossed many plans.
Therefore, in the past week, the Jarilo card reminded us not to forget about our health and heart matters and to take care of physical action, with which we will “build up” our fitness and resilience.
At the same time, we were able to start designing new projects, regardless of the fact that we felt really tired.
The realization of projects always starts with the first step and that is designing and planning.

The energies are slowly calming down and these days we are visited by Triglav, which indicates how and what is this week all about.
This week is colored black, which is the color of the depths, the color of Triglav, the color of protection, infinity, for many also the color of fear, especially fear of the unknown.
However, it is also the color of the Universe and in this way Triglav, with all his characteristics, informs us that the time is finally coming when our energies will balance and at the same time the tensions in our environment will gradually calm down.
In a state of confusion and accumulation, these days we will start to clean all the dirt and again with the help of Triglav we will find our place again, feel our missions more deeply and the right direction where to turn.

Especially these days we must pay attention to a balanced diet and enough sleep, we dress in more black.
If we wear jewelry, it should be made of silver.
Silver is the color of the week, so let’s use silver on clothes, meditations, home decorations.
The geometric element that should appear in meditations, creations, in patterns on clothing is a triangle in endless design variations.

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The energies that accompany us these days:
Awakening, freshness, the possibility of new beginnings, potent-youthful spirit, green color

At Jarilo (depicted on the drawn card), the first thing we notice is definitely the color green.
Green is not only the color of awakening or lush in nature, but also the energetic color of our heart, connection with nature, and above all, the color of healing. In color therapies, green is used to regulate heart rhythm.
So it’s important we’re trying to wear more green this week, beautify ourselves with some green piece of jewelry, and have energy journeys focused on the heart chakra.

Jarilo represents new beginnings, a god who rises from the underworld and begins a new fertile cycle. There will be some more time until we sing to him during the time of the month of April, but at this time he visited us for sure in order to show us that after wolf nights, which are a time of uncertainty and darkness, we wake up and that we need these days to take time for healing treatment, so there should be no lack of physical action. Has a hill been calling to us for some time? Let’s go.
It has been proven that an hour of walking in nature a day also helps with depression, because for many people these cold days, when three-quarters of the day is in the dark, do not have a beneficial effect and cause poor psycho-physical well-being.
We should dare to walk barefoot, and then cuddle with some good, homemade, herbal tea.
Now is also the time to start slowly implementing what we have set to do. Jarilo’s energy tells us that after the wolf nights that it is time to move. These shifts depend on where you want to travel.

Let’s start with the plans for the garden and write down what we need and these days we prepare all the necessary material for e.g. growing seedlings.
At work, it’s time for a new approach to work, think about innovations that could be introduced into the work process, give suggestions for improvement. Even if you are an employee, now is the time to give your opinion.
If you continue on your own path, after the lull it is time to take the reins again and start
create concrete plans for further work, be it sketches, the beginnings of new products, new collaborations.
If you are looking for a job, these days are the right time to refresh your resume. Go outside your frames, make it different so you will be more easily noticed.

Currently, you are strongly accompanied by the potency of Jaril to give you the extra strength and confidence you need at work as well as in relationships where it is especially advisable these days to go on some special, romantic date.
Jarilo, together with Mara reprisents engagement and the time of innocent love.

26.12.2021 – 6.1.2022


The energies of the days of transition until the end of “wolf nights” (6th January) are:
calmness, beginning, birth, communication, avoiding rush

Last week, Vida told us that we are actively tackling all set tasks and paths to goals, sweeping away doubts and moving forward, laying new foundations and should take action to build something new, be it relationships or business.

This time, the card of the week tells us that it is time to calm down and disconnect, because new miracles are being born in us, which are called ideas. Ideas need condensing and grounding, and you need to know when is the right time to ground. Rod certainly warns us not to rush.

Rod illustrates the unpersonified primal creation force, which existed before Svarog’s creation of the world. Rod is an infinite creative, cosmic energy that either sleeps or works in all of us. It is currently telling us to calm down. Above all, let’s pay attention to our words.
The cosmic egg, which represents the beginnings and is also part of our own cultural heritage, opened at the first word of that primordial was spoken. Only then was the born Svarog able to condense and ground all his ideas about the world with his directed actions with ahelp od the Feminine counterpart.

Imagine sleeping in an egg. And let these days of the transition period be in the foreground only words.
Be it a song, spoken meditations or verbal plans for our future.
Let’s talk and cultivate communication at all levels. Our lineage, nation and our cultural area.
Given that all worlds are open at the moment, it is important that we connect with our ancestors and think about how we can each contribute to the well-being and happiness of our family and society.

Those who are planning a family or. think about it, now is a great time with open portals to connect even more with the coming souls.

Let’s wait with more concrete actions.
Let’s wait a few more days before we start creating – realizing thoughts and words.