Card of the week

We will be back with our reading on November 28th.


The drawn card is Vida.
This week’s energies are: calmness in chaos, transformation, searching for a new start, connecting with our source

The last week the Werewolf card was drawn, which is more raw and dark, taking us into our dark depths, it is no wonder that Vida appears after it at this time. On the surface, we would say the cards are the opposite (underworld – the sky), but Vida also has a lot in common with Werewolf, where her energy, her story, takes us even further along the path of transformation, far deep into the source itself.

Svarog is the main deity, the progenitor, and his name comes from the “moving sky”, he and his wife Vida had children, many gods that we know in our mythology.
The researcher Ledić believed that the Svetovid idol from Zbruč, one of the few preserved Old Slavic idols, also depicts Vida, Svetovid’s mother, whom he writes is the protector of marital happiness and the goddess of love.
There is a well-known story among some Slavic peoples that Svarog created the first man from an oak tree and a woman from a linden tree. The man was breathed into life by Svarog, and the woman by Vida. In some places this goddess is also known as Lada.
The followers of the old ways know the cult of the vegetation god, which we encounter in several forms throughout the year. Just as Yarilo travels through the year, when he becomes Kresnik and is reborn as Svarožič, so does the beautiful Vida. The sun brings her back again from the other world.

And it is Vida that brings us not just one but many transformations on our current path, when the energies of this time, including the eclipse, toss us around and torment our minds, so that sometimes we don’t know where to go. This time brings a lot of clarifications, at the same time it forces us to find peace in the rough sea, despite the possible chaos within. Our source, to which we return after many lifetimes, is waiting for us, and it is up to us how much more we will torture ourselves, to get there. Into eternity and our merging with creation.

With the help of the energy of Vida in transitional periods, we get insights, not so much into our future, but suggestive ways to reach inner peace, so that we can overcome all the challenges of our current transformations in the transitional, dark part of the year.

In moments of helplessness, this week will bring us more strength to get back on our feet.
If we meditate, we turn to her.

Vida’s tree is a linden tree whose leaves are heart-shaped, which is no wonder since she watches over the lovers.
Let’s also keep in mind that linden is a tree that takes several years to bloom for the first time, sometimes even two decades. This reminds us that everything takes its time and natural development process, including us. That’s why we shouldn’t rush because we will only miss opportunities to experience something beautiful on the way. Especially this week.

Linden flowers are collected and dried in the month of June. Let’s treat ourselves to homemade linden tea these days, which is not only a wonderful remedy for colds, but it also calms us down when we are stressed.

The drawn card is a Warewolf.
Energies ruled this week: duality, transformation, self-controll, healing & subconscious

The werewolf is a typical creature of Slavic folklore and tradition. It can be a dual/boundary being as a combination of human and animal, or a demon in animal form. However, a werewolf can be freed from its curse with various rituals.
The symbolism behind the werewolf lies in the change of consciousness, when our human senses are taken away, when our other side comes to light, a raw instinct, because of which later, when we return to our human form, we can be filled with guilt and regret.

The werewolf also represents the transition and magical power of the cycle, which is primarily associated with the full moon. Many people encounter a situation where they “moonwalk”, when they do things they are not aware of in their sleep.
Due to the Christian influence, these transitions or situation received an even more dramatic filter that shows the werewolf as the sinful and dark side of man. Therefore, the reports about werewolves are not authentic, but to a large extent merely describe altered states of consciousness in humans or various diseases that were thought to be the werewolves’ fault.

From a psychological point of view, the werewolf represents our unconscious side, our depths, even repressed emotions, which, due to certain “triggers”, can peek out for various reasons.
Certainly also the full Moon and the change in the waves, the rise and fall of fluids not only in the seas but in ourselves, affects changes in our mind.
The moon is strongly connected to the werewolf precisely because it is connected to emotions, primordiality, to our wild self, to instinct and inner strength, which is not necessarily always a creative spirit, but can also be quite destructive.

In its deepest sense, the werewolf represents the important expression of emotions and forces us to self-control, so that we do everything in moderation – so that we do not regret our uncontrolled actions later, so that we do not cause harm to ourselves and others.

A werewolf, as we know from fairy tales, is killed by a silver bullet- which, in its symbolic meaning, is nothing but the moon. So what triggers our wild, unconscious, uncontrolled behavior is also a cure, because it makes us look into our depths and know, through the use of intuition and through the path of self-knowledge and learning, to our true self, when we tame the raw, destructive instincts and overcome our fears.

No wonder this week’s drawn card is a werewolf. We are in a time when the lower world has just opened, the world of the afterlife, the departed and some of their souls that have not yet gone to the gods.
It is a time when we try to connect with ourselves in a different way, when we say – that we are guided by our ancestors. Which simply means, not only that we turn to the past, but that we connect with ourselves on a deeper level, that we clear away our fears and everything that is currently holding us back, so that we can breathe freely, because all of this is kept deep in our own underworld.
Therefore, for many people, the autumn time is a difficult period of purification, especially during full moons. And this one is coming in a few days.

Let’s take some time for ourselves this week. Let’s think about everything that weighs us down. The werewolf helps us with transformation and transition. At the moment, it represents the unconscious and teaches us that self-control is very important this week, so that we will not regret it later.
We postpone major decisions to a later time, as well as important intimate conversations.
The werewolf reminds us that we have repressed something and that we must clean it up, otherwise our transformation can be long and painful.

This week, the food should be light, but wherever and however we can, let’s use the color silver, in the decoration of the home, on clothes and when choosing jewelry, and in meditations.