Mali Srpan / July & Perun’s action

The fight for the right cause, justice, satisfaction, perfection, materialization, fertility, control, excess energy.This is what reflects the aspect of God’s power that appears to us as Perun. Perun, the son of the creator Svarog, is the ruler of heaven and thus of all the celestial spheres. Thus, it also has the function of fertility, […]

Rožnik (June) & sacred Kresnik’s wedding

Maximum power of the sun. Warmth, love, passion, connection of human souls, devotion. The scent of medicinal herbs on vast meadows, flowers, gardens that give birth to crops. Life energy in full swing. An unfolding uninterrupted traditional song of girls in white. Expectation. Magic. All this is marked by the festive time of the summer […]

The tradition in Veliki Traven / May

We meet Lado several times in spring and summer songs.The girls, who also walked and sang ritual songs in Slovenia around the villages in the period from the beginning of spring to the summer solstice, were once called “ladarice”. Lada is supposed to indicate a bridesmaid in the original sense of the word. According to […]

April (Mali Traven) and the Green Jurij

Freshness, new beginnings, action, drive, birds chirping, livestock grazing, active energy, creative start to work in the fields, greenery, love, joy, health, optimism. The predominance of light over darkness. All this is marked by Jarilo or. Jarnik, the spring god rising from the underworld. In a new guise, we know him as Green Yuri. Its […]