A set: 2023 The world of Slavic mythology & Mini Slavic memory


This set includes the annual wall calendar and the memory game with the same and extra graphic art.

The mini mythological memory contains graphics from our calendars, both for 2023 and older ones.
It holds the main deities of the mythological treasury of the Slavic lands.
The game is played like a classic memory with tiles/cards of the size 50×50 mm.

In this set you also get a wall calendar of A4 size (297x210mm).
The calendar reprint contains 12 remarkable portraits, author’s graphics, with the old deities we meet in the Slovenian and all-Slavic area.
In terms of content, we gave preference to plants that are directly related to these mythical beings, which accompany us even today.
In addition to the artistic graphics, the calendar contains an accompanying text and table with marked holidays, reminders of traditional, indigenous holidaysand the moon phases.

If you decide to buy the set calendar + game “Mini Mythological Memory”, save as much as 5 euros!



The graphics on the “Memory” cards are original work, printed on 350g coated paper/cardboard, hand-rounded. Each tile is 5×5 cm long.
In the fabric packaging pouch there is also an informative brochure on A4 sheet with double-sided content, which offers detailed descriptions of the ancient gods.

Calendar is of A4 size printed on 150g coated paper.
Calendar is timeless and after one year it can be used as informative booklet amnogst other books on your shelves.

Both itmes are designed by Irena Petrič.

Additional information

Weight 260 g
Dimensions 21 × 30 cm