Calendar 2020 archive: The milestones of a human life in Slavic traditions


We get a lot of questions from our customers if we have also some old calendars left.
They may not be used as a calendar for the up-coming year but they are a wonderful and colourful booklet with the magic of old customs and tales.
Old calendars are only available in Slovenian language.

In 2020 calendar was full of magic rituals in human life, from the cradle to the last goodbye.
Childbirth | Burying the placenta | Spring light | Ritual haircut | First period – Ovenčanje | Finding a husband |  Fertility ritual for getting pregnant | Harvest | Wedding | Pregnancy | Death | Sacred family


Archive calendar in doubble A4 format with metal spiral.

From 2009 until 2022, we can still offer:

year 2015: Gods, Goddesses and home gardening
year 2016: Mythological tales of Slovenia
year 2017: Sacred annual rituals connected to various Gods and Goddesses
year 2018: World of Slovene mythology and folk songs
year 2020: The milestones of a human life in Slavic traditions

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Weight 200 g