2024 Slovenian Native Calendar


This calendar is now the 16th in a row and contains pre-Christian stories from, mostly western parts of our country, with the aforementioned parallels from the entire Slovenian area and beyond.

The information about the native heritage serve as creative inspiration, so the graphics are the fruit of artistic freedom, but surely each month carries the heart of the respective topic. The calendar provides condensed information in a few paragraphs related to rituals of the year, which are  less known to the general public, and typical ritual dishes during the holidays are also mentioned in a sentence or two.

The A3 wall calendar provides you with rich pictorial equipment, accompanying, instructive texts, national and non-working holidays, more prominent world days, reminders of Native holidays, reminders with pictures of the Slovenian flag – when we hang it, and moons, including cresents, because there are also rituals related to cresent.

Calendar content:
cover – Nikrmana
January – Sneguca (personification of winter)
February – calling the sun (bobunik)
March – donation to water (Mahojc)
april – begging moon (plump goddess in moonstone)
May – for fertility and love (black horn exposed)
June – summer bonfire (Kresnik)
July – Kačnica (pilgrimage to the snake’s head)
August – harvest-Pogačija (donation to Pogačnica)
September – saying grace, prophecies (Črna Baba-Black baba)
October – Ajdna – Buckwheat harvest (thanks for the buckwheat harvest)
November – spirit of the ancestors (Nikrmana and customs at death)
December – birth of the new sun (winter bonfire)

When the calendar completes its mission as a calendar, it can be stored on the bookshelves because, except for the monthly tables on the bottom, its contents are timeless.

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Calendar is in A3 format, 297×420 mm.
Portrait orientation.
Printed on 150g coated paper with metal spiral. we print calendars in small, limited editions and reprint depending on the response.
The calendars are available only in slovenian language but for foreign speakers we can add an english translation on a classic white copy paper with bw texts.

Additional information

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 420 × 297 cm