Annual mythological wall calendar 2022 – English language



For the 14th year in a row, we have again prepared the calendars, which contain artistic graphics based on our mythological traditions. They are equipped with informative texts and are in a way – a wall book.

For 2022 we have new Slavic calendar prepared, presenting fairies and female demonesses from the ancient world of our ancestors. Some of them are so much alive still to this day and we dive into their symbolism.

Calendar is designed and printed in slovenian and english language.

For the one who loves fairytales, stories, mythology, history, for a romantic soul or someone who apriciates their roots – you couldn’t find more perfect gift.
After a year passes, you can simply cut off the bottom part with dates and save the product as a booklet that joins with other books on your bookshelves.

Calendar is available from November 1st 2021.
We send worldwide, in Slovenia the calendars can also be bought directly from the artist.
While placing the order please let us know in what language you want to order the product.

Thank you for supporting Slovenian creativity!
We have put a lot of time, devotion and love into this product.

Technical info:
Format: A3
297×420 mm/11,7×16,5 inch
13 pages + backing hard paper
white spiral

Video presentation:


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Mythological beings in 2022 calendar:
Faronika, Krivopeta, Kikimora, Milosnica, Samodiva, Rusalka, Poludnica, Žalik žena, Baba Jaga, Mora, Strzyga, Sojenica.



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Weight 350.00 g