A book: The art of Facereading by Irena Petrič


Every facial feature, from the shape of the head, forehead, nose, mouth, …, even wrinkles and moles, tells us our story and makes up the puzzle of our true selves. All these features give us guidance on how to achieve MORE in life with less effort. Where are our virtues, and what are the patterns that we need to change in ourselves.

From the book:

“Face reading, or Mien Shiang, is one of the oldest branches of ancient knowledge that deals with reading human facial physiognomy.
With this technique, we can see a person’s characteristics in their personality very quickly and how to approach them to make a good first impression.
Such first contact is crucial for both business and personal occasions.
Mien Shiang has been used at the Chinese imperial court from 3000 years BC. by having the emperor’s advisers evaluate the visitors, and on the basis of the face reading tecnique, they advised him on how to negotiate.
This book brings together the most recognizable facial features. Once you master their meaning, you will surely step on the new path in life.
Just because they will finally understand you.
Because you will understand them. “

All facial features with descriptions, pictures, examples and much more, along with spreadsheets and exercises, can be found in our book THE ART OF FACE READING.
More info at www.branjeobraza.net and branjeobraza@gmail.com.

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Irena has been practicing various forms of alternative healing and personal growth techniques for over 20 years.
She first met with Chinese medicine in 2004 and 2005, when she worked in one of the Slovenian companies as a consultant.
But long after that, reading  faces according to the principles of ancient wisdom of both Chinese and European traditions is the common thread of many lectures and workshops she organized together with her husband, hypnotherapist Erik Petrič.
On maternity leave, the book “The Art of Reading Faces” was also born in 2018.
Since then, through events and personal counseling, Erik and Irena have helped many people in the business world to better understand their interlocutors, to be better prepared for important events for closing deals, for better presentations and, above all, for better understanding of employees and co-workers. This is very important so you can form more coordinated team.

At the same time, reading the face is very important on a personal level, to understand certain behavioral patterns of our partners and, consequently, we no longer take many things to heart. The facial reading is also intended for all those who are looking for future partners, so that they can truly evaluate a person and avoind many unpleasant situations and heartaches.

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