Calendar 2023: The divinity of slovenian iron age


Unique, annual, wall calendars,
with an insight into the cultural past,
the mythological and ritual world of our ancestors.
Made with heartfelt devotion. Every time.
This year specially, because it has been 15 years since
our first one was published.
This time they are special because we go even further back in time.
Into the divinity of the Iron Age.
Way back to the first millennium BC.
The calendar contains author’s illustrations, accompanying descriptions
and a table of dates with marked state holidays,
our native holidays and lunar phases.

Support the slovenian creativity and the promotion of our native heritage!

Calendar is only available in slovenian language.
You can read more about the calendar here:

The book with extended text about the gods and herbs is also available.

12 deities in the calendar and book:
Baba, Kurent, Tana, Vidas, Noreja, Kresnik (Romanized Jupiter Depulsor), Reitija, Istra, Belin, Ekorna, Labur, Trimuzjat.


“The divinity of slovenian iron age and the sacred herbs of our land”

The calendar is printed on 150g coated paper.
The size is 210 x 420 mm.

Afetr the calendar complets its task as a calendar you can store it  because the content is timeless. You can also cut off the bottom art with a table and get yourself a wonderful booklet.


Additional information

Weight 320 g
Dimensions 21 × 42 cm