Eight-spoked wheel


We know many derivatives of sunwheels and they all have a similar meaning. If the solar wheel with a cross better emphasizes the connection between heaven and earth (sun/fertile soil), wheels with more spokes are more oriented towards the meaning of circulation, movement.
The solar wheel, which gives the appearance of a wooden chariot wheel, prioritizes mobility, the ability to move, the power to (re)turn, the ability to create change, the inner strength for new ventures, in some cases even death and rebirth.
In our country (Slovenia), we find such derivatives on Easter eggs, and on air vents / openings on very old houses.

It is a widespread symbol elsewhere in the world, especially among the Celts, it is associated with the thunder god and represents the management of the sky.
But let’s not forget that Slovenian thunderer is also transported in a carriage, as a symbol of movement, and at the same time, as an attribute of travel, this wheel is also the force of fighting, strength, persistence and the fight for justice.

Wearing the solar wheel with its thousands of years of accumulated energy lifts us up, to be constantly in motion, to grow, to explore, to overcome the fears of our movements in life, to be able to see changes as an opportunity for personal growth, even if it doesn’t seem so at first glance .

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Diameter 3.5 cm, the pendant is on a black braided cord with a leather look.

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Weight 45 g