Calendar 2023: The world of Slavic mythology and magical, healing herbs


The calendar reprint contains 12 remarkable portraits, author’s graphics, with the old deities we meet in the Slovenian and all-Slavic area.
In terms of content, we gave preference to plants that are directly related to these mythical beings, which accompany us even today.
In addition to the artistic graphics, the calendar contains an accompanying text and table with marked holidays, reminders of traditional, indigenous holidaysand the moon phases.

In the last two years, we have received many requests if the archival calendar from l. 2021 still available for sale.
It included portraits of goddesses and gods of the Slavic pre-christian culture, and medicinal plants associated with them were in the foreground.
That’s why we decided to offer a reprint of the Old Slavic calendar with a modified table for 2023, in addition to our new calendar for 2023 – “Iron Age Divinity and Sacred Vegetation in Our Regions” and a book with expanded content on the topic.

Calendar content:
Veles and willow, Vesna and birch, Mara and wild garlic, Jarnik/Dajbogec and ivy, May queen and spruce, Kresnik and St. John’s wort, Perun, oak and houseleek, Ziva and dinkel wheat, Vida and linden, Mokoš and hemp, Kurent and vine , Svarožič and juniper.


The calendar is A4 in size, printed on 150g coated paper. Texts, graphic art, print preparation: Irena Petrič

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 21 × 30 cm