Mini mythological memory with ancient Slavic gods


The mini mythological memory contains graphics from our calendars, both for 2023 and older ones.
It holds the main deities of the mythological treasury of the Slavic lands.
The game is played like a classic memory, but the game can be spiced up in this way; the player puts a new found pair on his pile of found pairs only if they can say the name of the deity out loud, otherwise they leave the pair to the next player clockwise (only if they remembers the location after when the cards are placed face down again).

We make the game boutique, in small editions, but an agreement is possible for larger quantities for the purpose of commission sales, with a production deadline of at least one – two weeks.
Half of the graphics in this game are also found in our 2023 Mythology Calendar.
If you decide to buy the set calendar + game “Mini Mythological Memory”, save as much as 5 euros!
For all orders in Svarunica store above 15 euros (excluding postage), you will also receive a coupon for a 10% discount on further purchases in our store


The graphics on the “Memory” cards are original work, printed on 350g coated paper/cardboard, hand-rounded. Each tile is 5×5 cm long.
In the fabric packaging pouch there is also an informative brochure on A4 sheet with double-sided content, which offers detailed descriptions of the ancient gods.

Additional information

Weight 105 g
Dimensions 15 × 25 cm