Magnet: carnation with a Slovenian proverb


The magnet with a diameter of 6 cm contains a Slovenian carnation and a Slovenian proverb: “Our soil more dear to us than the gold from abroad.”
It is an excellent small gift for everyone who is very fond of our Slovenian folk treasures of many fields.
When you don’t know what to give away as a gift and maybe you’re in a hurry, but you’d like to give just a little something, a homemade snack together with this magnet all tied up with a ribbon is a wonderful and special gift.

In addition to the magnet, we also recommend the books
Zvezda, ki vodi v večnost  (a book about our eight pointd star)
Božanskost železne dobe in sveto rastlinje v naših krajih ter (deities of the pre roman and roman era from our land)


Colored, soft magnet with a diameter of 6 cm and a thickness of 1 mm
Design: Irena Petrič

Additional information

Weight 25 g