Vinotok / October – time of goddess Mokoš

Mokos Irena Petric

Home, calmness, softness, gratitude, feminine grace and creativity are the quiet feelings that permeate the month of Vinotok – October. This is the women’s month, ruled by the East Slavic goddess Mokosh, the great mother, the only goddess in Vladimir of Kiev pantheon, who watches over women. We meet her all over “Slavija” on traditional embroideries, where she is usually depicted as a female creature with birds (symbol of passage), carrying another creature. She is a protector of predicates, women’s affairs, midwives. Her holiday is the last Friday of October month. At that time she is already in the last trimester of pregnancy, when at the winter solstice – she gives birth to a “new sun”.

This is the time for us women. External, “men’s chores” are coming to an end, we are picking up the last crops. Then the work of spinning, weaving, sewing begins. It is a time of connection between us and for us.

Mokoš leads us to tune in to ourselves in the fall. All the weaving and sewing of the new future can be successful in the long run only if we know how to look deeply and analytically into the past, learn from mistakes and then resolutely clean up with everything that no longer serves us now. Above all, it is also a time of women’s deepening, where it is important for a man to stand by her side. In the old days, people expressed their love by having a boy carry her spinning wheel home after finishing with spinning together with other girls.

With each year, new life experiences, we shape our femininity, which is best coordinated, if we are aware of our warrior potential, which gives us the strength to overcome obstacles, and above all our female grace, which, much more than other weapons, can change the world.

Mokoš also reminds us that women need to socialize and connect with each other. Find time for each other and for joint creation. That’s when a woman’s power becomes immeasurable. Mokoš is a force that enriches us during the calming of Mother Nature. The more we connect with nature and its natural cycle, the easier it is to find ourselves and only in this way can we best realize all our potentials. So we also have enough strength to be able to help others on their paths. Mokoš reminds us that we always carry a new life, new opportunities and strength for new beginnings. That we must know how to surrender to the goddess, nurturing the body, spirit and soul.

written by: Irena Petrič (maiden name Urankar)
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