Mythological cards for kids


Who doesn’t know the card game “Black Peter”?
Well we have it too however it is not your usual one.
This deck of cards made of 45 pieces, shows slavic gods and goddesses and also deities known to us for milleniums.
Cute illustrations will make it easier for children (and parents) to learn about our heritage and it will make it so much fun together with info brochure that is added.

We sell mythological cards for kids since 2015, but in June 2021, they have been renewed!
We consider them to be one of our best products and a wonderful gift for anyone who is interested in learning about our mythology.

The rules are very simple.
If, by any chance, you do not know them, you can look them up HERE.

If you take away MORANA (who reprisents “Black Peter”), you can also play well known MEMORY game with the cards.

Please select the language of the info brochure about the mythological beings added to the box:



Cards are printed on 300g coated paper. Size: 63x85mm.
Illustrations are hand – drawn, cut and rounded.
They contain illustrations of mythological beings known from folk songs, tales and historical writtings made by slovenian artist and promotor of the native ways: Irena Petrič.
The cards are layed in a cute box and the little info brochure is added where you can find short useful information on every single god or a goddess.
Game can be played from 2-6 players and it is apropriate for children from the age of 4-5 years and on.

We only keep limited supplies in our boutique store so hurry up, to get yout own special deck of Mythological cards for kids.


Design made by: ©Irena Petrič
More info on design or to order a custom design for your special illustrated cards:

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Weight 125 g

Slovenian, English