T-shirt Iron Age Bird


Unisex T-shirt representing the old symbol of a bird which has been found on iron age situla (ritual vessel/bucket) in Slovenia.
In ancient times birds accompany people at weddings, funerals and later on we get to know them as messengers from one world to another, the symbol of transition. Birds carry souls to the world of the dead and bring them back as we know from the Slavic mythology later on.
Birds were also made as bread with transitions in human lives such as starting a puberty, weddings, birth.

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Black high quality T-shirt SOL’S Imperial with great DTG print in front.
Wash inside out for longer use.

The price is listed for the shirt&printing, see shipping costs HERE.
T-shirt is made with print on demand system, production date is aprox. 3-5 working days.
Payment for the T-shirt is available by proforma invoice.

T-shirt is unisex type, available in sizes: S,M,L,XL and XXL.

Design made by: ©Irena Petrič
More info on design or to order a custom design for your shirt contact: irena.svarunica@gmail.com

Additional information

Weight 220 g

S, M, L, XL, XXL